47 Republicans Help Democrats Pass Gay Marriage Bill in House

House Democrats overwhelmingly passed a new bill that would codify gay marriage across the country.

But not only did Democrats pass it, 47 Republicans joined Democrats in passing the legislation as well, including Elise Stefanik.

Now, I know that what I'm about to say is not likely a popular opinion among conservatives, but I think that this law only makes sense.

I do not believe that the state government has any business being in the marriage business in the first place. Marriage is a holy union and something that is a religious ceremony.

Don't take that as my endorsement of gay marriage. I don't agree with it in the slightest. I am very opposed to the lifestyle as a matter of fact. But I think that if the government is going to play this marriage game, this is the result that they should logically arrive at.

My opinion is to take marriage out of the hands of the government altogether. I just don't think that it could be done without some serious consequences since our society is so wrapped up in marriage already. We would honestly need an entirely new law code.

"This legislation guarantees that no married couple can be denied equal protection under federal law," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "This is really very important: from tax provisions to Social Security benefits and more, even if the Court were to erase marriage freedom, God forbid."

Again, while I disagree with gay marriage, I think that it makes sense for Social Security to go to the person's significant other. Honestly, I think it should go to whoever they want. It's theirs.

So, while I am opposed to the homosexual lifestyle, I can, at the same time recognize that our government should still treat us equally on some matters that pertain to our money.

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