20 Million Americans Without A Stimulus Check, See Below What You Can Do To Get One

About 20 million Americans have not received their stimulus payments it has been reported. I know people and families who haven't received theirs yet, it isn't honestly that common however where I reside.

However, there are factors that can lead to not getting them when everyone else is. Read below and check out the links.

According to CBS News:

The IRS rolled out a tool called "Get My Payment" last month to help taxpayers figure out when they'll receive their payment and update their bank information. Yet many consumers reported that the site gave them an ambiguous message — "Payment status not available" — that only fueled frustration. 

Residents in some states have had more luck getting their payments than others, according to a CBS MoneyWatch analysis of IRS data and the number of taxpayers in each state. West Virginia has the highest share of taxpayers who have received their payments, with almost all taxpayers having received their payments. The lowest share is New Jersey, where about 7 in 10 people have their stimulus checks in hand. 

The gap between those two states likely comes down to residents' income, tax filing status and bank account information. The IRS is first sending checks to lower- and middle-income households. Because New Jersey's median annual household income is almost $82,000 — almost twice West Virginia's $44,000 — it's possible more taxpayers in New Jersey will receive their checks later. 

Here are some other reasons you may be one of the 20 million people still waiting for your stimulus check. 

  • You recently filed a tax return: your stimulus check may be sent later than taxpayers who filed earlier in the year.

  • You have high income: Single taxpayers who earn more than $99,000 and married taxpayers who earn more than $198,000 annually are phased out of the stimulus payments.

  • The IRS doesn't have your banking info.

  • You're a non-tax filer, but not on Social Security: Not all Americans are required to file taxes, such as people who earn less than $12,200. Click this link to get your Stimulus Check.

  • The IRS had the wrong bank account: You will be issued a paper check in the mail but will take longer as direct pay has been prioritized.

  • You owed the IRS and used direct pay: Go to the "Get My Payment" site and enter your bank account information for your direct deposit or you will get a paper check.

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