$2 Million Dollars Worth of Meth Seized In Arizona Breaks Record

U.S. Border Patrol officers seized a large shipment of methamphetamine and fentanyl from a Mexican National when he attempted to enter the United States in a tractor-trailer this Friday.

The seizure is the largest methamphetamine load seized in Arizona’s port history. Border Patrol officers discovered nearly 650 packages of drugs concealed within a non-factory floor compartment in the tractor-trailer laden with bell peppers, pickles, and cucumbers driven by a 58-year-old male.

Border Patrol officers conducted a thorough inspection and noticed the floor compartments, which resulted in the seizure of approximately 800 pounds of methamphetamine and 9 pounds of fentanyl with a value of nearly $2 million.

Area Port Director Michael Humphries commended his staff, saying, “This is an enormous amount of very dangerous hard narcotics that Nogales Cargo Officers prevented from reaching communities throughout the United States.”

According to BreitBart

CBP officers working the Nogales Port of Entry on Friday observed a tractor-trailer approaching for entry inspection to the United States from Mexico, according to information obtained from CBP Office of Field Operations staff. The driver, a 55-year-old male, presented documents listing bell peppers, pickles, and cucumbers.

Officers referred the driver to a secondary inspection station where a non-intrusive imaging search of the trailer led to the discovery of multiple “non-factory floor compartments,” officials stated. A physical search of the compartments yielded nearly 650 packages believed to be filled with drugs.

Officers tested the drugs and identified approximately 800 pounds of methamphetamine — the largest such find in the history of Arizona ports of entry, officials declared. In addition, the officers identified nine pounds of fentanyl.

CBP officials seized the nearly $2 million worth of drugs and arrested the driver.

This seizure shattered the previous record of a nearly 700-pound meth seizure from March, Breitbart Texas reported. The officers also found this shipment of dangerous drugs in false floor compartments inside a trailer filled with produce.

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