129 Nations Align Against Israel's Claim to the Temple Mount

If you do not believe Anti-Semitism exists, all you have to do is look at policies supported by a startling majority within the United Nations. Many do not have the courage to openly admit to their bigotry.

However, a recent United Nations resolution has exposed the obvious. Many countries secretly despise the Jewish faith. It is both discouraging and shameless. A recent U.N. resolution refuses to acknowledge the rightful heritage Judaism has to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Direct scriptural reference and Jewish tradition directly prove the Temple Mount was the first Jewish temple built by King Solomon. Regardless, 129 member countries within the United Nations referred to it by only its Muslim name.

They refuse to acknowledge Jewish heritage. Additionally, the sacred site has more historical significance to Christianity and Judaism than it does to Islam. The wording in this new U.N. resolution is nothing but a slap-in-the-face to the Jewish faith.

It continues a worldwide tendency to discount and discredit Israel and the Jewish peoples around the world. Only through haphazard claims by the Palestinian State has the temple’s significance to the Jewish faith been questioned.

To blatantly deny any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount is preposterous. Adding more outrage to the absurdity of the U.N. decision is a recent terrorist attack by Hamas at the temple. Eliyahu David Kay was killed in the November 21 attack.

Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld condemned the U.N. resolution as,” tantamount to condoning the act of terrorism committed outside the gates of its holy and sacred ground last week, which took the life of a young Israeli man.”

The expert on Israeli foreign policy insisted the resolution is, “just one of many in a long line of malicious, absurd, and historically inept statements geared toward the delegitimization of Israel and the Jewish people.”

The resolution denies Jewish sovereignty of the Temple Mount. It ignores biblical facts that trace the name Jerusalem back to the Hebrew Bible. A U.S. envoy to the UN offered a spineless rebuke of the resolution.

While the statement condemned the act as “morally, historically and politically wrong”, the response did not adamantly scold the U.N. for making such an Anti-Semitic decision. Itamar Ben Gvir bemoaned the resolution as worthless.

Gvir, a member of Israel’s Knesset said, “The Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jewish nation according to the Bible. Our history is rooted there, and we do not need any confirmation from anyone to know about the connection between the Temple Mount and the people of Israel.”

Nations around the world have continually engaged in blatantly Anti-Semitic narratives. It is wrong, and the United States bears a responsibility to do more than offer spineless rebukes of international dictates, which ignore Jewish heritage.

The denial of direct ties between the Jewish faith and the Temple Mount is just another example of the U.S.’s failure to support an entrusted ally. Israel deserves better. U.S. spokespersons and U.N. representatives must denounce this resolution as wrong.

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