12 Major Cities Set New Records for Homicides in 2021...Guess What They All Have in Common

Under the Biden regime, one thing that we've seen happen is the increase in violence.

We've seen it in several different forms such as rioting and looting, but the worst of all has been the increase in homicides across the country.

There are a total of 12 cities in the U.S. that have seen record-breaking homicide rates. These cities are:

Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; Indianapolis, Indiana; Toledo, Ohio; Rochester, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One thing that is getting overlooked here also is that the city that is beating out every other city in the country for the greatest number of homicides is Chicago, but it's so terrible that they haven't even set a new record though they are up 3% from last year.

I'm sure Lori Lightfoot wants to blame the victims for getting shot. They should know better than to be outside in a dangerous city, right? I guarantee you that's an argument that she would make.

What do all of these cities have in common? Well, I'm sure you've already guessed it, but they are all run by Democrats. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

What does this tell you about the way that Democrats run things? It should tell you that they are terrible at their job and that they don't need to be in charge. But the left is too brainwashed to realize that this is going on. They literally just don't even think about things like this.

Do they not want safe communities? Do they not want less crime? For goodness sakes, this is just homicide we're talking about here also. Who knows how bad other crimes are in these areas.

I'd be willing to bet that if you looked up these statistics for other crimes that have reached new records, you would find that they are in Democrat-run cities as well.

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